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The first step towards a complete digitalization of golf starts with a modern and optimized website.


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We are experts in creating modern and optimized websites for the golf industry. We design quality websites, thinking about the user experience, as well as the correct positioning in search engines. We develop websites with content management systems such as WordPress. And we help you to achieve an impeccable digital presence

We are your Caddie. We adapt to your needs and advise you based on our long experience in the day-to-day management of hundreds of golf clubs around the world. So you can achieve success easily and safely.

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Increase revenue at your golf club

With a modern and optimized Website

It is very common that a website is the first direct experience that potential customers have with a club or a golf course, with a school, with a teacher or with a professional golfer.

Therefore, a modern website, with a very nice aesthetic, secure, easy to maintain, well prepared for any type of device and optimized for search engines, is essential to please and convince the user from the first contact.

“If we can get the users to imagine themselves practicing their best swing on our golf course, thanks to our website, we have a lot to gain for success.”

key elements

we offer you to build your new website


First and foremost, your new website must offer the user the information they are looking for and need. In Golfmanager we help you to achieve it.


It is essential to have a clean design, as well as a modern and pleasant image according to the values that your golf club represents.


Accessible from any device: computer, tablet, or mobile. A design adapted to all screens and always optimized.


Make sure that your new website always appears in the first positions when the user searches on Google or his favorite search engine.


The maintenance of your new website, within everyone’s reach. No need to know how to program. With the ease provided by a content management system.


Forget about hackers and malicious attacks. We provide the necessary means to make your new golf website a fortress.

Did you know that…
…a modern and well optimized website can substantially increase the conversion rate?

Why to choose Golfmanager?

Specialists in digitalization of golf clubs

Our main goal is to achieve the complete digitalization of the golf industry. We have been managing the day-to-day operations of hundreds of golf clubs around the world for years. And that’s why we know what YOU need to make it happen.

Golfmanager is the leading golf course management software in the industry. And now we want to go one step further towards that 360° digitalization. We want to centralize all your digital services and we want to take your golf club to the next level with a new modern and fully optimized website.

“The experience gained over the years and a proven working methodology make Golfmanager the perfect Caddie to launch your new website and your new digital image”

Unquestionable reasons

to choose us when building your new website


We have a multidisciplinary team, with more than 10 years of experience creating websites and more than 3 years managing golf clubs.

We are passionate about golf and we are obsessed with our clients to achieve success and results.


We take care of everything. Because your time and your golf club are the most important thing for us.

A personal consultant (Caddie) will guide you throughout the project to achieve, together, the best results with your new website.


We are proud to say that 100% of the golf clubs that work with Golfmanager are totally satisfied.

We are also happy to know that their customers enjoy an excellent user experience.

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“But REMEMBER (and this is the most important tip of all), building a website is like building a new golf course. There is a lot to consider and understand to achieve success.

Be smart about it. Let’s take the time to build our new website right. Let’s trust those who know their stuff and bring all of our knowledge to bear on our new website.”