PAR 4 Methodology

The Caddie: Essential figure

metodologia par 4 caddie v1

Since we launched Golfmanager, our greatest desire has been to help in the digitization of all the players that make up the golf industry. That desire to help makes us similar to the figure of the Caddie. Someone who is always there. An expert willing to help.

That is why we have created the PAR 4 methodology, based on that indispensable figure. All along the way, our team (your new caddie) will help you in everything you need to achieve success with your new website.

And now that you know us, we teach you the PAR 4 Methodology:


The basis of the game

Possibly the most important part of golf. Each swing requires concentration, requires a previous analysis, requires to have well studied and well-assimilated movements.

In the PAR 4 Methodology, we assimilate the swing to the preparation prior to the start of the web:

metodologia par 4 swing v3
metodologia par 4 drive v2


A key stroke

Golf is won in the short game, but can be lost in the long game. First stroke. Everything must go perfectly with the most difficult club of all and thus be well positioned on the fairway for the next shot.

In the PAR 4 Methodology, we assimilate this first stroke to the design stage. A first look at the contents and finally a first test version to reaffirm the concepts raised in the Swing.


The master’s shot

We are off the green, but with a good shot we can get the ball close to the flag and make an extraordinary hole. This is where you start to win the hole.

In the PAR 4 Methodology, we already have the new website in testing but it is time for adjustments and changes.

metodologia par 4 approach v2
metodologia par 4 putt v2


Tournament winning shots

Consistency on the green, not only wins holes, but is what will win us tournaments.

In the PAR 4 Methodology, we like to assimilate the launch of a new website with putting. From now on, you have to maintain that consistency to have your new website always optimized.


Your new website will be up and running successfully

metodologia par 4 caddie v3

Together we form a good team. And together we will develop your new website.